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Beast Masters Club Private Barrel - Knob Creek Rye "The Bandit"

Private Barrel
Knob Creek Rye
Distilled November 5th, 2012
Rickhouse O, Floor 7, Rack 21
115 Proof


"What we have here is a total lack of respect for the law!"

R.I.P. Bandit.

We thought this ballsy full proof rye was a fitting tribute to the late great B.R. and named it after one of our all time favorites.

We’ve been looking for a great private barrel of rye for the club and when we tasted this Knob Creek we knew we’d found something special. Distilled in the fall of 2012, it’s close to six years old, and achieves what we look for in a rye: on the nose it has loads of spice, from spearmint to hot bbq peppers to baking spices and cinnamon. Once you dive in for a sip, you get vanilla, char, and very pleasing amount of wood. At 115 proof, this is definitely in BEASTly territory and not a beginners whiskey. But for folks like us who want an affordable full proof rye that’s just exploding with big bold flavor, this bad boy will keep you driving faster than Buford all night long. k up now or forever regret.



 #34 Whiskey Warrior Turns “Dirty Thirty”


The one and only Whiskey Warrior, Jake Cahill, turns 30. The Beast Masters are joined by a crew of miscreants to celebrate. 


Under the pretense of tasting some rare whiskey, the gang quickly decends into a referendum on the appropriation of the word "damp" into a Hip-Hop phrasology, Amanda's penchant for mass murder podcasts, Jake's dubious use of bourbon as mouthwash, and a contest for the worst old-timey 1950's television accent. On the table: Smooth Ambler Very Old Scout 14 Year Old Fitzgerald 11-Year Heaven Hill Select Stock Willett Family Estate Single Barrel Wild Turkey Original Decanter