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Elijah Craig Single Barrel Bourbon

"The Midnight Rider"

Private Cask | Aged 9 Years


Beast Masters Club is proud to announce the release of our latest private cask offering.  

Elijah Craig has always been one of our favorite bourbons, so we were thrilled to be able to choose a Beast Masters Club exclusive private barrel. We tasted four casks ranging in age from 8-12 years and picked this 9 year barrel because of it's rich mouthfeel, oak and chocolate flavors, and smooth, lasting finish. Elijah Craig is Heaven Hill's flagship product, though recently it switched to no age statement. So at $36 this single barrel is a rare treat and an incredible value.
Take this opportunity to stock your bar with a delicious single barrel bourbon.



Episode 16: Beast Masters Club vs Single Cask Nation


On the eve of their annual NYC Whisky Jewbilee festival, your faithful hosts Steve & Ben invite Single Cask Nation's Joshua Hatton and Jason Jonstone-Yellin into the Beast Lair for a private barrel showdown. 


Single Cask Nation is a private bottler. They brought two of their all-time favorite whiskies (last year and this year's Jewbilee special bottlings).  Beast Masters Club brought two of our favorites barrel picks and our intrepid audience decided the winner of this epic single cask battle royale.  

Tune in to find out who won this, "no drams barred," fight to the finish. Two clubs enter... everyone leaves pleasantly drunk and happy.

Huge thanks to our special guest judge, whiskey guru, Robin Robinson!