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The Bee's Knees Barrel #1

Beast Masters Club Exclusive
Boone County Distilling 12 Year Straight Bourbon
Barrel #B5042  111.6 Proof


This incredible bourbon comes from Boone County Distilling. It's 12 Year MGP (Indiana) Straight Bourbon, unfiltered, at cask strength, right out of the barrel just how we like it!

What we look for in a bourbon is richness, sweetness, spice, and wood. And this barrel had all of those in spades! The first note is rich molasses, coating the nose in candy and cream. Then the baking spices come out, nutmeg and cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla. Then on the palate we get the beautiful white oak, just perfectly in its prime from 12 years in the barrel, not overly tannic but boldly char-forward and doing a lovely job mellowing out the palate. For 111 proof this stuff is dangerously drinkable. The finish goes on forever and the sweets, spices, and wood all marry together at the end for a result that is exactly what an outstanding bourbon should be.



 #32 Smooth Ambler Master Distiller John Little


This week we're debuting our Smooth Ambler Old Scout private barrel. We sit down with John Little to catch up on Smooth Ambler and learn about our new barrel pick!


John Little has been putting out some of our favorite whiskey for years now. When we got the chance to buy a private barrel of his Old Scout American Whiskey for the club, we didn't think twice! Steve and Ben catch up with Ben right before our live Beast Masters barrel picking session. John catches us up on all the success at Smooth Ambler, and breaks down the American Whiskey product. The barrel came out awesome, as did the cast! Check it out.