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Beast Masters Exclusive 20th Barrel - 1988 30 Year Château de Léberon Bas Armagnac


It’s here!!

For our 20th barrel, Beast Masters Club wanted to do something incredibly special. Château de Léberon only produces three or four casks of Armagnac per year. This 1988 single barrel was aged for 30 years and comes to us at cask strength, unfiltered, with no coloring or additives. It was aged in Black Oak timber from the Léberon estate that was coopered locally to age this Armagnac. It’s a blend of 65% Ugni and 35% Colombard and comes in at 44.9%.

This barrel absolutely captivated us from the first time we nosed it. As dark as a can of coke, and supremely rich, the nose is heavy leather, perfume, oak, and then just layers of figs and nuts and spices, sweets and berries, caramel and licorice. The 30 years in French “Black Oak” have married all these flavors together into an absolutely stunning oily palate and a crazy finish of raisins spices and wood. We could go on and on but the only way it will make sense is when you experience it yourself!

This entire run is limited to 200 Bottles, so hesitate at your own risk.

Cheers, here’s to our next 20 barrels. /The Beasts



#35: Nicolas Palazzi of PM Spirits


For our 20th private barrel, we wanted to do something really special. When we found this single cask of 30 year Argmagnac, we knew we'd done just that. Nicolas Palazzi from PM Spirits educates us on all things Armagnac and samples us on several private casks including our beautiful 30 year.


We've been hearing that Armagnac is the "next big thing" but we didn't believe it. That is, we didn't believe it until Nicolas Palazzi of PM Spirits poured us the most incredible 30 year single cask we've ever tasted. Armagnac is incredibly diverse becase in addition to the different distilling and aging techniques, there's a vast difference in grape varietals. Nicolas has discovered some true gems in Armagnac production. These are tiny family operations that produce only a few casks per year. The 1988 Chateau de Leberon was placed in a "black oak" cask made from local timber straight out of the small traditional column still with no water or additives. It aged beautifully for 30 years and was bottled unfilitered, at cask strength. It's totally undiluted, pure, straight from the cask spirit, and was one of the most stunning drams we've ever tasted!