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Four Roses, Single Barrel Bourbon

"It Must Have Been The Roses"

Beast Masters Club Exclusive
Four Roses Private Barrel Bourbon
Distilled on New Year’s Eve 2007
Aged 8 Years, 5 Months in Warehouse MW 50-4C
121 Proof


This 121 proof bad boy is a an OBSV recipe aged 8 Years, 5 Months. It had all the big notes we were looking for. Leading with white oak and chili peppers, the nose goes to caramel, vanilla, burnt oranges, and mint. it's got a super oily mouthfeel and a finish that goes on for...  Well I'll have to write you back when it ends because it's still going.  

Do not buy a bottle of this for your aunt Sally, unless Sally is a Beast Master herself!  This is a true whiskey drinker's whiskey.  Some of the samples we tasted were super sweet and creamy.  Delicious, don't get us wrong, but we went for the big bad flavor monster of the OBSV.  

Don't wait, don't hesitate, our last barrel "The Hot Pickle" sold out in a matter of days, so be warned, you snooze, you lose! 



  Episode 28: Adam Spiegel of Sonoma County Distilling Company


The Beast Masters traveled to Sonoma, CA for a private tour and tasting with Adam Spiegel, founder and distiller at Sonoma County Distilling Co.


Adam was kind enough to show us around his distillery and warehouses and give us a behind the scenes peek at how Sonoma County produces their unique take on a variety of pot distilled whiskies. From their Alembic Hoga stills hand crafted in Portugal and modeled on the original, ancient Arab water distillers to their method of slightly down proofing and  finishing their whiskies in first fill barrels, there’s a lot of interesting distilling craft at work in Adam’s world. These unique approaches have certainly produced some very tasty craft whiskeys and great success Sonoma Distilling. They are currently expanding the operation from a 6000 to a 12000 sq ft footprint to meet demand for their West of Kentucky Bourbons and Sonoma Ryes. 

Tune in to hear the story of a truly passionate, dedicated craftsman devoted to creating whiskies using time honored, traditional methods and local, sustainable ingredients. Sonoma County Distilling is really a grain to glass operation where every step of the process is treated with love and devoted attention.