#34: Whiskey Warrior Turns "Dirty Thirty"


The one and only Whiskey Warrior, Jake Cahill, turns 30. The Beast Masters are joined by a crew of miscreants to celebrate. 

Under the pretense of tasting some rare whiskey, the gang quickly decends into a referendum on the appropriation of the word "damp" into a Hip-Hop phrasology, Amanda's penchant for mass murder podcasts, Jake's dubious use of bourbon as mouthwash, and a contest for the worst old-timey 1950's television accent. 

On the table: 
Smooth Ambler Very Old Scout 14 Year
Old Fitzgerald 11-Year
Heaven Hill Select Stock
Willett Family Estate Single Barrel
Wild Turkey Original Decanter

#33 Elijah Craig "Crossed Keys" Barrel Pick

Crossed Keys Art Square.jpg

The Beast Masters choose their latest barrel Elijah Craig "Crossed Keys" with the gents from Heaven Hill. 

Tasting through five different casks of various ages, the Beast Masters choose their next private barrel and learn about Heaven Hill's whiskey-making methods. Is older whiskey necessarily better? The boys taste casks from 8-12 years old. FInd out which one makes the cut. 

#32 Smooth Ambler Master Distiller John Little

john little.jpg

This week we're debuting our Smooth Ambler Old Scout private barrel. We sit down with John Little to catch up on Smooth Ambler and learn about our new barrel pick!

John Little has been putting out some of our favorite whiskey for years now. When we got the chance to buy a private barrel of his Old Scout American Whiskey for the club, we didn't think twice! Steve and Ben catch up with Ben right before our live Beast Masters barrel picking session. John catches us up on all the success at Smooth Ambler, and breaks down the American Whiskey product. The barrel came out awesome, as did the cast! Check it out.

#31 A Beastly Birthday

ben casting.jpg

For SmokyBeast's birthday, we drink a 1961 Old Grand-Dad, and The Whiskey Warrior deep-throats a Glencairn glass. Enjoy!

The grisly grey-haired beast is getting even older. For his birthday Beast Master Ben, Josh "Captain Coop" Feldman, and Jake "Whiskey Warrior" Cahill assemble to sample our favorite of the Beast Masters Club private barrels. The warrior brings a surprise - a National Distillers Old Grand-Dad Bottled-in-Bond bourbon distilled in 1961! The boys talk whiskey, turn-ons, turn-offs, and just to spice things up, Jake dons an atrocious Scottish accent and deep-throats a Glencairn glass. You don't wanna miss this one. Unless you're Jake's, mom, in which case we're sorry.

#30: Radical FR.OAK - Balcones

Balcones FROAK.jpg

Winston from Balcones sits down with the Beasts to talk craft.

Long time friend of the pod Winston Edwards is in town from Balcones Distillery.  It's Balcones' 10th anniversary and we get to taste some seriously exclusive anniversary bottlings that are only available at the distillery, including this French Oak finished single malt which is delicious.  Radical FR.OAK dude!