#14: Pam Heilmann, Michter's Master Distiller


Michter's Master Distiller, Pamela Heilmann sat down with the Beast Masters to talk about building a new distillery from the ground up combining the best of tradition and cutting edge science. 

Having a true expert craftsperson like Pam on the podcast is always a real treat. When she took the reigns as Master Distiller at Michter’s in 2016, Pam became the first woman since Prohibition to become Master Distiller at a Kentucky Distillers Association distillery. We talked about her history in the distilling industry, and how she used the knowledge accumulated over her distinguished career to build the new Michter’s distillery from from the ground up.   

Pam and the crew at Michter's were kind enough to tour us through the distillery in March. We were very impressed by their warm welcome and the amount of thoughtful consideration put in to all areas of the operation. You can tell that the folks at Michter's are involved in a passion project, and it shows.

Along the way, Pam gave us some terrific insight into a few of the high tech and old school techniques Michter's uses to maximize flavor by increasing spirit interaction with all the wood goodness in their oak barrels.

As fans of Michter's for quite some time, we were very excited to have Pam in New York to lead us through this tasting and explain a bit about how Michter's weaves their particular brand of whiskey magic. The whiskies featured were: Michter’s US1 Bourbon and Rye, 10 Year Bourbon and Rye (2017 editions), and Barrel Strength Rye. 

Sit back with some Michter's and play along, we hope you enjoy the 'cast.

#13: WhistlePig Barrel with Dave Pickerell


Master Distiller Dave Pickerell joins Ben and Steve to drop some serious whiskey science at our WhistlePig Old World Barrel Premiere. 

This episode is a true treat for whiskey lovers and whiskey nerds alike. Dave Pickerell, the man who made our private cask of WhistlePig Old World 12 Year Rye, came in to talk to the club about his history in distilling, the Old World project and all things WhistlePig.  Dave has been described as the Johnny Appleseed of American whiskey and has been a key figure in reviving brown spirits and craft distilling. Specifically, Dave is one of a few folks responsible for bringing rye back to the forefront of the whiskey world.

As huge rye lovers, we were super excited to have Dave sit down with us to taste through the entire WhistlePig lineup and share his stories and vast distilling knowledge.  Dave gets into topics ranging from reviving George Washington's distillery at Mount Vernon to predictions on the future of the whiskey industry and why, "Rye ought to be like a good first date."
Dave also brought along some of WhistlePig's brand new, "Bottled in Barn," FarmStock whiskey - their first to contain juice distilled at the WhistlePig farm in Vermont.

Grab a bottle of our WhistlePig Old World 12 Year from our Shop and sip along with us as we go deep with Dave Pickerell.  

#12: WhistlePig Old World 12 Year Rye Unbarreling


Steve and Ben sit down to pop open the latest Beast Masters Club Barrel - A WhistlePig 12 Year Old World Rye.

This 12 year American Rye was finished in a custom blend of Old World wine casks.  We created a blend of finishes that we felt best complimented the smooth spiciness of this gorgeous rye: 80% Madeira, 10% Port, 10% Sauternes. We think you're going to love it.  Pick up a bottle in our shop and play along at home!  

There are also some tickets still available for our Barrel Premiere Event with WhistlePig Master Distiller, Dave Pickerell on March 16th in NYC.  Get Tickets Here.

#11: Westland Distillery at The Norwood Club


Steve, Ben and the Beast Masters welcome Chris Riesbeck of Westland Distillery for a very special event at the Norwood Club in NYC.

We were extremely happy to have the club taste through the full line up of Westland’s whiskies.  Westland is one of our favorite craft distillers and one of the leading producers of American Single Malt whiskies. Tune in to learn what makes Westland unique and delicious as Chris gets into everything from the barley in their malts to the wood in their barrels and everything in between.
This particular evening was doubly sweet as it was the first in what we hope to be a series of events hosted at the amazing Norwood Club.  The folks at Norwood are expert hosts and their club is truly a marvel - beautiful and sophisticated but completely fun and unpretentious.  A perfect setting for the Beasts to dig into Westland’s American Oak, Sherry Wood, Peated, Garyanna, and Winter 2016 offerings. 
Grab a bottle of Westland and taste along with us.

#10: Smoke Wars - Episode I: Mrs. Beast vs Big Wood


Let The Smoke Wars Begin...  Enter Mrs. Smoky Beast & Big Wood.  May the peat be with you.

These two gladiators have been called to search ceaselessly throughout Caledonian moors, crags, islands and bogs, accepting no limits and yielding to no obstacle placed in their path, all for the glory of a sacred mission - to find the best smoky malts in the world and bring them back to the Beast Lair in the hopes of becoming CHAMPION of the Smoke Wars.  Few have been chosen, but only one will prevail…
In our first battle of the Smoke Wars, Mrs. Smoky Beast faces off against Joshua “Big Wood" Hatton of Single Cask Nation and Whiskey Jewbilee.  In this contest each will present two smoky malts each to the Beast Masters for judgement.  The first round will be a malt under £100, the second round a malt over £100 with no price limit.
Who will claim the title of first Smoke Wars Champion? Listen and all shall be revealed.

In Mrs. Beast's Corner
Kilchoman 2016 US Tour Machir Bay (Cask Strength)
6 Years Old | 116.8 Proof | Bottled 2016

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Port Ellen
Distilled 1982 | Bottled 2001
18 Years Old | 100 Proof

In Big Wood's Corner
Kilchoman 10th Anniversary Release
3-10 Years Old | 116.4 Proof | Bottled 2016

Lagavulin Feis Ile 2015
Distilled 1991 | Bottled 2015
24 Years Old | 119.8 Proof