#19: SmokyBeast vs. The Whiskey Warrior Part II - Best Rye Under $100


Steve "SmokyBeast" Zeller takes on Jake "Whiskey Warrior" Cahill for a rematch, this time they bring the best ryes under $100

Ben and Steve welcome Mike Kantor of @thebourbonreview and Dana “Mrs. Beast” Zeller as guest judges for this brutal battle.

The Smoky Beast and The Whiskey Warrior are back in the ring again! And this time, the Beast is out for blood! They are battling for the title belt once again as they enter with their choices for BEST RYE UNDER $100. The Beast lost in his own lair last time when the Warrior strutted in for the battle of Best Bourbon under $75, so you know this one is personal. Bottles will be swung, swigged and smashed as the Beast claws the Warrior down in hopes of reigning supreme and recapturing his lost belt.

Regardless of the outcome of this epic battle, you are sure to find out the best ryes on the market for under 100 bucks. So pour yourself a glass and gather round the flame BeastMasters; as Steve and Jake battle it out for your entertainment.


SmokyBeast's Weapons:
Pikeseville Rye
6 years | 110 proof
Michter’s Barrel Proof Single Barrel Rye
NAS | 114 proof

The Whiskey Warrior's Weapons:
Wild Turkey 101 Rye
NAS | 101 proof
Redemption Barrel Proof Rye Batch 5
7 years | 123.2 proof

#18: Wild Turkey Barrel Pick with Eddie Russell


The Beast Masters were treated to an amazing barrel picking experience at Wild Turkey, hosted by none other than second generation Master Distiller, Eddie Russell.

We met Eddie at Wild Turkey's historic Warehouse A to knock open the barrels that he set aside for our selection. This oldest of Wild Turkey's rickhouses was built in the 1890's and we could not have asked for a more perfect setting or host as we settled in for an afternoon of sampling a few of what Eddie calls his, "best 100 barrels out of 700,000". Getting to crack into these barrels and taste as we listened to Eddie talk about his craft and its history made for a day we'll never forget.

In the end, our intrepid crew of Beast Masters came away with the barrel we have all come to know as, "The Hot Pickle," a super deep, flavorful, spicy nine year bourbon with a gorgeous long finish. We hope you all enjoy sipping some Hot Pickle as you listen and taste along with us.

***Update: The Hot Pickle is now sold out. If you got your hands on one we hope you're enjoying this awesome example of Wild Turkey at its finest.
We're very happy to be able to share it with you all.  


#17: Nate Woodruff of Whisky With A View


Nate Woodruff from Whisky With A View treated the Beast Masters to a stellar day of hiking and sipping great drams in New York's Hudson Valley.

Nate has developed one of the largest social media followings in the world of whisk(e)y by combining his two great loves, being in nature and drinking excellent whisky. His Whisky With a View channels feature beautiful photos of whiskies in awesome natural settings and surroundings. We had an amazing day with Nate and club members Jake, "The Whiskey Warrior" Cahill and Anthony Colasacco, proprietor of Pour, a great bar and eatery in Mt. Kisco, NY. Join us for good times, great friends and tasty drams in the great outdoors.


#16: Beast Masters Club vs Single Cask Nation


On the eve of their annual NYC Whisky Jewbilee festival, your faithful hosts Steve & Ben invite Single Cask Nation's Joshua Hatton and Jason Jonstone-Yellin into the Beast Lair for a private barrel showdown. 

Single Cask Nation is a private bottler. They brought two of their all-time favorite whiskies (last year and this year's Jewbilee special bottlings).  Beast Masters Club brought two of our favorites barrel picks and our intrepid audience decided the winner of this epic single cask battle royale.  

Tune in to find out who won this, "no drams barred," fight to the finish. Two clubs enter... everyone leaves pleasantly drunk and happy.

Huge thanks to our special guest judge, whiskey guru, Robin Robinson!

#15: Bottled In Bond With Bernie Lubbers


In this episode, Beast Masters Club unveils a new private barrel - Elijah Craig 9-year Single Barrel from Heaven Hill.

Steve and Ben talk with Heaven Hill's Bernie Lubbers, aka Professor Bottled-in-Bond, about the BiB act and what it means to the quality and history of whiskey.  Bernie takes us through a tasting of Heaven Hill's five bottled-in-bond whiskies including Parker's Heritage Bottled-in-Bond 24-Year.