#24: One Bourbon, One Scotch & One Beer Battle - Nate Woodruff vs Shane Helmick


Once again two intrepid contenders step into our Whiskey Thunderdome - this time to decide who will be named the first ever One Bourbon, One Scotch & One Beer Champion by our Beast Masters Members!

Enter the worthy contenders: Nate Woodruff of Whisky With A View and Shane Helmick of How to Drink Whisky. Each brought the eponymous, One Bourbon, One Scotch & One Beer. Each listened to George Thorogood records nonstop for a minimum of two weeks.

Enter the esteemed Judges: Dana “Mrs. Beast” Zeller, Jake “The Whiskey Warrior” Cahill and Ben "The Nicknameless" Paluba. Each has taken a solemn vow to guide the Beast Masters through this epic battle and inform the club wisely in casting their votes to ultimately decide who will reign as One Bourbon, One Scotch & One Beer Champion. Remember, the judges will certainly offer their evaluations and criticisms in spades, but ultimately, the audience decides the fate of our two hopeful prospects.

Enter our wise host and master of ceremonies: Steve “SmokyBeast” Zeller. Keeping all these players in line and sober enough to do their jobs is no easy task.  

Who will be vanquished? Who shall prevail to hold and defend the title of OBOSOB Champion? Draw near, listen and be amazed by this tale of skill, courage, bravery and beverages.

Don’t miss our next Dusty Whiskey battle on October 27th between Josh Feldman of The Coopered Tot and Josh Richholt owner of The Well in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 


#23: Ned Wight of New England Distilling - Vacation Edition


The Beast Masters drop in on Ned Wight at New England Distilling in Portland, ME for a “North of the Wall" vacation podcast between Lobstah rolls and steamahs.

We could not have asked for a warmer welcome from a nicer guy. Ned took us deep behind the scenes of his distillery and delves into the real nitty gritty of his craft, methods and practices and then treated us to a great little tasting and debrief.

New England Distilling is a true craft endeavor and a real passion project. Ned and his crew are in this to make excellent, unique and interesting spirits and I think we can say they’ve got some great things happening. This is one of the more in depth discussions about the art of distilling that we’ve had yet on the podcast.  Tons of information here for the true whiskey freaks. Pick up some of Ned’s Gunpowder Rye, Eight Bells Rum, or Ingenium Gin (he’s got a bourbon but it all sold out locally) and sip along with us. 

#22: Beastly Treats with Jeff "Professor Rickhouse" Roth


In the first ever Beastly Treats episode, the Beast Masters host and honor long time club member Jeff “Professor Rickhouse” Roth with a night of bourbon he will certainly never forget.

The crew drinks and chats about some of the most delicious bourbons around while we test our blind tasting chops. But that’s not all... In this riveting episode: Steve sings a song, Ben says “super bourboney”, Jake makes many weird noises and Jeff talks about his small palate. Its good to be beastly.

With, "Beastly Treats", we introduce a new fan / member appreciation initiative for the club. If you are an active member or listener you’ll be fired up about this. Every few months, say once a quarter, we will pick an active, supporting member of the club and invite them to a night of BEASTLY TREATS. This lucky member will be invited to the Beast’s lair where we will curate an epic tasting of delicious whiskeys, henceforth to be known as Beastly Treats. The chosen member will get to participate in the tasting and recording of their very own Beastly Treats podcast episode.

Be warned Beast Masters. If you are lucky enough to win, you will be exposed to epic whiskey that will forever raise the bar for your sipping future, VIP treatment of all kinds, bad jokes and cheesy puns, a chance to shout out your mom in the podcast world, and of course… Ben’s vocabulary lessons. Stay involved, and stay in touch, tag us with #BeastlyTreats on Instagram and Facebook for chances to win a seat at future episodes of…BEASTLY TREATS!!!!


#21: Koval Distillery - The Start of A Craft Adventure


The Beast Masters sit down with Chelsea Lovett from the organic, “grain-to-bottle” Koval Distillery in Chicago. Yep, we’re digging into some crafty stuff.

Ben and Steve sit in on Dana “Mrs. Beast” Zeller’s interview which kicks off our exploration into the booming world of craft distilleries.

Being the first legal distillery in Chicago since prohibition comes with a lot of pressure to deliver. We explore Koval’s road to craft greatness, taste through their line-up of products and discuss what makes Koval’s whiskies special and unique: from atypical mashbills incorporating oats and millet, to their German Kothe still.  

Tune in and learn a bit about the booze soaked love story of an enterprising couple who turned their shared passions into a thriving, award winning craft distilling business.


#20: Eddie Russell Part 2 - Wild Turkey Rye & The Master's Stories


Part two of an amazing day with Wild Turkey Master Distiller, Eddie Russell. All of this awesome could not be fit in to just one podcast.

After picking the barrel of Wild Turkey bourbon that has come to be known as, “The Hot Pickle” (now sold out), the Beast Masters continued an amazing day of tasting and chatting with Eddie Russell in Warehouse A. Eddie treated the crew to an amazing single barrel Rye selected by his son, Bruce, the third generation of Russells at Wild Turkey. Then we settled in to listen to Eddie tell us about about the history and evolution of Wild Turkey and the bourbon industry in Kentucky.

Tune in for a truly unique perspective on where the American whiskey industry is now and how that came to be.